When you contribute to St. Mary’s Monastery you become a partner in our work for God and for the world. Your donation enables us to sustain our monastery and our work. We greatly appreciate any amount you can give!

If you choose to donate through Paypal, click the button and please specify what the donation is for when asked by Paypal. If you choose to send a check, please specify on the check. If you choose to donate by credit card, please specify below. To be added to the mailing list for our annual appeal and newsletter, click here.

Donations for a guesthouse stay do not go to St. Mary's Monastery, but to the twin-community guesthouse and church fund.

Please note:
A donation is NOT required to have a Mass offered. Mass offerings are totally optional and there is no fixed amount. If you wish to have a Mass offered without an offering, please email us.

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Please make out your check to
St. Mary's Monastery
and mail to

St. Mary's Monastery
P. O. Box 345
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Attn: Donations

Donations to St. Mary's are tax-deductible. Written acknowledgements for donations over $250 given on request.
We will not give out your personal information to any other organization.